Total Access Package - For Wealth Creation

How To Find Multibagger Investments And Also Find The Cash To Buy Them Cheap

May West Once Said "Too Much Of A Good Thing Can Be Wonderful", and that is exactly what we have packed for you ... something really 'wonderful'.

We have created this Total Access Package for you so that you have at your fingertips everything you need to know in order to:

1. Find wonderful businesses to invest, which can potentially make you seriously wealthy.

2. Exactly know how to identify the risks, so that you don't lose money.

3. Buy them at a great price, even if the broad markets are overvalued.

4. Have the temperament to patiently let these businesses compound and help you to achieve your financial freedom.

5. Keep generating a stream of cashflow, while you do all the that you don't run out of cash when the best opportunities present themselves.

What is included in this 'Total Access Package'?

The short answer is - Everything!

Yes, everything that MoneyWiseSmart offers under its different programs, as listed below.

1. Investing Fundamentals (IF) - This program teaches you how to identify multi-bagger businesses, grow your wealth by investing in them and ultimately achieve financial freedom. We provide a simple framework to analyse great businesses by teaching how to analyse financial statements and value a business. Investing Fundamentals is suitable for beginner to intermediate investors.

2. Principles of Compounding with Bonds and Stocks (PCBS) - PCBS is the most comprehensive investment education program for growing your wealth. It is suitable for intermediate to advanced investors who are already familiar with the basic financial statements. It integrates the concepts covered in IF with detailed modules on valuing Bonds, Capital Allocation and Portfolio Management. You will learn everything you need, to conduct deep-dive analysis of businesses, identify red flags, value businesses conservatively, manage portfolios sensibly and a lot more. In short PCBS provides a comprehensive asset management framework that teaches an investor everything they need to know to compound wealth over the lifetime.

3. Multibagger Research Series (MRS) - We have done deep-dive fact based research into several high quality businesses for you to use as case studies. You get lifetime access to the research, as we continue to cover these (and new) businesses at great length and on an ongoing basis. Almost everything you need to know to analyse these businesses is covered in our research including a detailed analysis of their valuation. MRS uses the frameworks that we teach in the IF and PCBS programs and demonstrates step by step how to research a business.

4. Options Series (OS) - While the programs above teach how to understand and analyse the operating fundamentals of your businesses, the Option Series program teaches how to take advantage of the Market Price. Most great businesses are often available at expensive looking prices... the kind of prices we do not like to pay. The Option Series helps us to 'eat the cake and have it too', by allowing us to buy these businesses at great prices and at the same time generate some healthy cashflows.

The Four Programs in the Total Access Package beautifully complement each other and act like the '4 pillars' on which the entire investment framework of MoneyWiseSmart has been built.

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Sneak Peek Into The Three Programs

We invite you to watch some of the preview videos of the respective programs, to get an idea of the depth and breadth that we cover. We are very confident about the high quality of the content.

Here's a sneak peek of the Investing Fundamentals course!

Here's a sneak peek of the Multibagger Research Series!

Here's a sneak peek of the Principles Of Compounding With Bonds & Stocks!

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Here's a sneak peek of the Option Series!

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This Total Access Package is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for quick trade recommendations based on technical analysis and short term market price predictions
  • You are a short term thinker, expecting to make money overnight, so that you can go and brag about your winning trade on social media
  • You are planning to keep going in and out of the markets based on your speculations
  • You are not ready to at least put in some amount of work to progress through the programs and the tutorials

This Total Access Package is FOR you if:

  • You think like a long term investor and want to grow truly wealthy
  • You are committed to taking full control of your investing journey towards financial freedom
  • You would like to feel confident and understand the right principles of investing
  • You are ready to develop the ability to think like a business owner when it comes to investing
  • You are ready to commit the time to work towards getting rich, and not expect it to happen through any 'overnight miracles'

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Hear what our subscribers from different walks of life have to say about us

Total Access Package:

- Zhivko Kanazirski, USA

I started about 6 years ago with trading and later investing. I went though many courses and research that one can find online. Nothing comes close to MoneyWiseSmart.

The Multibagger Research Series (MRS) research is extremly deep and focuses on the things that matter. It is not about what is sexy or the next hyped stock, but what actually creates wealth. From the MRS program, I have improved my understanding of companies financials, valuations and even human psychology.

I also decided to give it a shot on the Options Series, after being subscribed for a few months for the MRS program, and that also blew me away.

I would highly recommend MoneyWiseSmart's courses if you want to take your investing skills to the next level. I can say I'm a better investor than I was.

Principles of Compounding with Bonds & Stocks:

I have been in MoneyWiseSmart for few years all the research or courses they have is always above and beyond. I learn the most from the their courses and Buffett Letters. PCBS is great addition to the teachings. I have about 8 years of experience in the markets and I went thru many books, letters ect. but they always find the way to teach you something you didn't know or didn't fully understand. I know it will be great source of value for anybody for the rest of their life. PCBS give great understanding of bond, investing and compounding and how to take advantage of it. This is probably the single most important thing you must learn about investing and finance. As the famouse quote says "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it." Thank you for the great work and the value you provide to all of us.

Total Access Package:

- Sebastian Trochym, Poland

What I like about MoneyWiseSmart is a very long-term investment approach. Unlike majority of the market that focus on short term trading and casino approach to the stock market, Fun Liang and Rupam have the ultra long term business approach – the way real intelligent investors should always focus on.

Even if you are able to analyse businesses yourself, having a community like the one created by the MoneyWiseSmart team is very helpful, at moments of doubts when everyone seems to be happy from their 1% profit leveraged to 20%-30%. Many young people who start their investing journey forget that investing is a marathon, not a sprint.

I recommend MoneyWiseSmart to all new subscribers. If your goal is to compound wealth over decades, this is the right place for you.


I wouldn't compare MWS to Ferrari, because men buy Ferrari to show the wealth to other people and when you buy MWS courses you get the ticket to long term wealth without necessity to show it!! Ferrari seems to be depreciating asset, while MWS is appreciating one!

Anyone who have savings and want to play the long term investing game and don't want to simply buy index, the long term investing is the game of getting to know ourselves, being patient and compounding wealth over time, I 100% recommend the course that Rupam and Fun Liang provide. I had the opportunity to finish one of the best universities in the world Peking University, Singapore Management University, Warsaw School of Economics and still found A LOT of value in these teachable lessons, remember those courses are not a short term investment but long term one, you have to be committed to spend a few hours weekly to learn the materials.

Total Access Package:

Yang Weng Chiun, Singapore

Principles of Compounding with Bonds & Stocks:

It was only until 01 Sep 2023 when I came to a realization that my stocks investing strategy for the past 3 years was going no where as I was clinging onto hope that the stocks purchased will recover which was recommended by some seemingly good investors back then. With that realization, i signed up for MRS on 01 Sep 2023 and then in end Jan 2024, the PCBS and IF. The PCBS and IF courses are funneled to some of the most important principles in a sustainable long term investing in the stock market. The knowledge gained through these courses really gave me a great boost in confidence to stay in this investing journey for a very long run; and equally, if not more importantly, the analysis provided and clarifications given are just terrific for my personal investment decisions.

Total Access Package:

- Derek Hjorth, Gillette, Wyoming,USA

I have long been invested in the markets through mutual funds and financial advisors, however over the last couple of years I decided to start investing in my education with an intent to manage my own portfolio. I have spent many thousands of dollars and countless hours on multiple education platforms in the last couple years and can say that without a doubt MoneyWiseSmart offers by far the best value of any of the classes I have participated in.

Rupam, Fun Liang, and Vaibhav are all incredible educators. They each have their respective area of expertise that when contributed to the platform results in a huge compounding effect. This is truly a scenario of 1+1+1=much more than 3.

I can confidently say that joining MoneyWiseSmart was one of the best investments I have made. The access afforded by the group is simply amazing. The team clearly has a desire to educate and it becomes apparent in the teams commitment that all of your questions are clearly answered. I can promise that anyone who puts the effort into learning the material will be rewarded by the amazing access and expertise from the MoneyWiseSmart team. I am proud to report that my investment in MWS has already been a Multibagger. Keep up the great work guys and I can’t wait for our next 3 hour Zoom meeting.

Total Access Package:

- Samuel Tay, Singapore

After signing up for the 3 courses (or Total Access Package in aggregate) and going through the videos inside, I have gained a clearer understanding of how to develop an investment framework that I am comfortable with. Fun Liang and Rupam give their best efforts during the monthly tutorials, explaining concepts in a detailed manner and usually staying late just to answer all our questions. If you are looking to deepen your knowledge and improve your investing skills, do consider joining us to grow and learn together!

Total Access Package:

- Conor Whitehead, Actuarial Science Student, Scotland

Investing Fundamentals Course:

The Investing Fundamental Course is by far the best investment related course I have completed. The course teaches the fundamentals of high quality business analysis, giving you the knowledge to determine the difference between a good business and a wonderful business - essential in identifying long term compounders. By breaking down a company’s financial statements and deciphering the importance of each component through small bite sized videos, the course has taught me not only the principles of investing, but also the temperament required to build my wealth over the long term. The ability to re-watch videos, combined with the opportunity to ask questions in the investment forum, really solidifies your knowledge and solves any queries you have. Rupam and Fun go above and beyond in helping you learn, and they have always responded to my questions in an extensive, timely manner. I am very pleased with the confidence I have gained in my own investing practice and I believe the course offers great value for money.

Principles of Compounding with Bonds & Stocks:

I have been in MoneyWiseSmart for few years all the research or courses they have is always above and beyond. I learn the most from the their courses and Buffett Letters. PCBS is great addition to the teachings. I have about 8 years of experience in the markets and I went thru many books, letters ect. but they always find the way to teach you something you didn't know or didn't fully understand. I know it will be great source of value for anybody for the rest of their life. PCBS give great understanding of bond, investing and compounding and how to take advantage of it. This is probably the single most important thing you must learn about investing and finance. As the famouse quote says "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it." Thank you for the great work and the value you provide to all of us.

Total Access Package:

- Clinton Rezeki, Canada

Multibagger Research Series Program

I love the Multibagger Research Series. It’s a pre-filtered list of potentially wonderful businesses handpicked by the smartest team. Each business is meticulously researched in depth. The type of research done is one that might take someone like me a significant amount of time (months to a year) to complete. It’s all based on facts and data and no speculation is involved. More importantly, Fun Liang has an eye of deciphering between the lines, and he will then convert the data into easy-to-understand charts and figures. I’ve also learnt a tremendous bit regarding valuing modern businesses such as SaaS companies that I would’ve easily passed before due to its optically depressed negative earnings on a GAAP basis. For me, the pre-filtered list of potential compounders saved me a lot of time and effort, but more importantly, learning how Fun Liang and Rupam think and analyze businesses is the gem of the Multibagger Research Series. I get taught how to fish and also get the fish. What more could I ask for?

Option Series Program

Once you learn how to analyze businesses and have potential compounders that you have strong conviction with, that you’re ready to tranche in, the Option Series will be very useful. Rupam will teach you ways to use options to create a win-win scenario when trying to initiate a position in a business. To clarify, the option series by MWS is not for speculators or traders. It is purely for long-term investing purposes. This is how people like Warren Buffet and Matthew Peterson use options. Options is a very useful tool if used the right way and can be a dangerous tool if incorrectly used. Hence, having a solid foundation in options with the right long-term mindset is crucial. I can’t emphasize enough; this mindset is extremely important when using options. Rupam is an amazing teacher and more importantly, he’s very passionate. He has ample experience in both using options the wrong way and the right way, which makes it very interesting when listening to his stories. The option series will save us from innumerable miserable experiences that short-term traders or speculators experience.

Total Access Package

Take the entire total access package, you won’t regret it.

Principles of Compounding with Bonds & Stocks:

- Lady from Singapore

As someone who has a degree in Finance, I approached the PCBS course with a mix of curiosity and skepticism, wondering what more it could possibly offer.

However, I'm pleased to report that my investment in this course has been one of the most value-packed decisions I've made in my quest for financial wisdom.

This course is far from your run-of-the-mill financial education.

It has shown me how seasoned investors perceive the value of money, a viewpoint that textbooks and lectures had barely scratched the surface of.

One of the most impactful aspects of the course is its focus on Capital Allocation, providing insights into how they should be managed for sustainable growth in earnings and shareholder value.

This holistic approach has revolutionized the way I look at my personal finances. From assessing my financial health to making pivotal financial decisions such as buying insurance and planning for retirement, I now approach these tasks with a strategic mindset akin to that of a seasoned investor.

The course instills an optimum investment mindset, emphasizing the importance of patience, diligence, and a solid understanding of financial basics. This mindset, I believe, is the course's most valuable takeaway, promising to serve me for a lifetime.

It's important to note that this course is not a shortcut to wealth. It doesn't entertain get-rich-quick fantasies but instead lays down the foundational knowledge and skills required to build sustainable wealth over time.

It demands dedication, a willingness to learn, and an openness to start from the basics, regardless of your previous experience or education in finance.

For anyone serious about understanding the essence of investing and willing to invest time and effort into mastering it, this course is a perfect match.

Whether you're new to finance or someone who's already working within the financial sector, the insights and strategies taught here are invaluable. It's an investment in yourself that pays dividends far beyond the financial.

Thank you to the MWS team for constantly giving us value.

Principles of Compounding with Bonds & Stocks:

- Terence Seah, Singapore

I have known Rupam for a while and greatly admired his thought process and sharing about investment ideas. When he started this course, I signed up without hesitation. In this course, the ideas are explained concisely with clear examples. The forums where you can ask questions and share ideas are monitored closely by senior members and you will definitely get your answers promptly. You will find something for yourself, no matter you being a seasoned investor or someone starting out. This is definitely one worthwhile investment who all value investors.

Investing Fundamentals Course:

- Sikawat Thanaviratananich, Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology, Neurologist, Iowa, USA
Neurology Residency at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

…The instructor used a lot of examples in the real world, with some case studies and also showed exactly where to find this information on the website (in which the newbie might have no clues to find them)…Even though I have been through many books; there are many things that I just learned from this course, maybe I did not understand it before and the instructor of this course digested it in a simpler way for me to understand…As I have read many books before starting this course, I think all practical points you would need to invest in the real world are in this course…

December 30th, 2019

Multibagger Research Series Program:

- Diya Garg, Singapore

I was introduced to MoneyWiseSmart Multibagger Research Series in Nov 2020. Timing was great as I’d been looking to turbo-charge my portfolio during the pandemic. But importantly I also wanted to refine my thinking & perspective on long-term value investing.

Rupam Deb & Fun Liang Chia bring a passion & rigour into investment research that I’ve not seen before. For one, they’re super thorough in their concepts; further, the analytics of their chosen company spans months of uncompromising research into every aspect of the business including industry, competition, management, moat, and valuation. They can thus answer the most intricate query with relative ease.

I have personally used the Multibagger research to confidently make (what I believe is) low-risk investments in superlative businesses, that is garnering impressive returns already. Importantly the MWS team are changing the way I approach wealth preservation - from intermittent shorter term moves to a steady, long-term compounding pursuit. Next steps would be strong growth via new concepts ie Options investing.

‘Great products sell themselves’ no doubt, so consider this a coffee musing about MWS! I have recommended the series to close friends and family as I truly believe in the product; wishing the Team all the very best. Rock on!

Multibagger Research Series Program:

- Yong Perng Tan, Qualified Actuary, Singapore

I was very excited when I found out that MWS is finally launching the Multibagger Research Series. I have been fortunate enough to come across some of the researches that Rupam and Fun Liang have done and I was blown away by the level of details they go into. Rupam and Fun Liang are truly passionate about researching business as they would happily read through pages of materials, exchange emails with IR and sometimes even talks to the management team. Rupam and Fun Liang keep each other in checks to ensure that they are not biased against the businesses that they like, just to make sure they always present the facts for you to do your own due diligence.

In the program, Rupam or Fun Liang would walk you through multiple aspects of good quality companies that fit into the framework that Rupam described. You would learn about the industry the business is in, the business model, moats and competition, management, risks, financials, valuations and many more. These are great companies that I believe Rupam and/or Fun Liang would own if the price is right.

Finding great businesses, studying them and tracking new developments can be time consuming especially if you have a day time job like me. I highly recommend this program if you want to save time and learn how to apply the framework in real life.

Option Series Program:

- Priscilla Soh, Singapore

Prior to joining MoneyWiseSmart (MWS) options series, I had taken a course with an overseas options ‘expert’. His strategy was to generate regular cashflow through trading options on range bound stocks using stop loss and stop limit. Very soon, i got into trouble because i had a weak foundation and did not understand that I was engaging in trading behaviour and not investing. When one of my trades went badly wrong, i took my losses and quit options concluding that it is one of those speculative strategies and wasn’t suitable for me.

10 years passed, MWS options series was recommended to me by members of an investing community which I am part of. With the many positive reviews from those who had attended the course, I decided to give options another try. Boy, I was blown away.

Now I would say with strong conviction that MoneyWiseSmart is one of the best courses I have attended in the world of Investing. Rupam’s approach is systematic, conservative, low risk and always having the long term goal of growing one’s portfolio in mind. Through his course, I learned many interesting strategies have made me great returns which I didn’t know was possible. This has greatly accelerated my portfolio growth. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested to use options to enhance their portfolio growth.

Option Series Program:

- TK Teoh, Singapore

My name is TK Teoh.

I know Rupam and Fun Liang for many years, I respect both of them a lot and we use to have an investment study once a month back in 2017 together. The amount of research they did for a company is amazing and very in-depth in quantitative. Rupam’s years of experience working in the corporate world, also make him good in the company’s founders/CEO qualitative research. When I first heard Rupam and Fun Liang opening up class for options, I do not hesitate at all, signed up for Diamond members (the highest level), because I know the value I will get from their course can easily recover the course fees.

Option cash flow strategy has solved the one problem I have, which is whenever I uncovered an interesting company that could be the next multi-baggers, I always need to think about which company to liquidate to fund the new purchases. But now I can generate income and fund this new investment via selling options safely.

I benefited a lot from MoneyWiseSmart Team option course, I encourage you all to join.

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Your Instructor

Rupam Deb/ Fun Liang Chia
Rupam Deb/ Fun Liang Chia

At we offer investment education programs which guide our subscribers from all over the world, on their journey towards financial freedom, through a set of comprehensive and complementary programs. In our Multibagger Research Series offering, we publish deep dive research content on businesses which are compounders. Our Investing Fundamentals, Financial Statement Analysis and Business Valuation program provides a comprehensive step-by-step framework for identifying, analysing and building a portfolio of high quality businesses. In our Options Series program, we teach strategies for managing risk and enhancing cash returns from the long term investment portfolios, using Options. Everything we do focusses on long-term compounding.

Rupam Deb

I am a full time investor and co-founder of MoneyWiseSmart. I manage an investment portfolio using the fundamental principles of investing, as practiced by some of the best investors on the planet. I was part of the Executive Management team in a LSE listed (FTSE 100) business, where I was responsible for the largest business unit, managing over a billion dollars in revenue. However I was always passionate about value investing and decided to become a full time investor during the peak of the 2008 global financial crisis. The timing turned out to be great, NOT because I was smart enough or lucky enough to find the market bottom...but because I could pack as many investments mistakes (to learn from) as one can possibly commit within a very short period of time. This led me to a massive self-education drive, and eventually I realised that I was not alone. Millions and millions of people go about investing completely in the wrong way, focussing on the day to day movements in stock price and not on the underlying business which the stock represents. My partner Fun Liang and I, co-founded MoneyWiseSmart to address this problem. I have been fortunate to be financially free myself, and it is now our mission to help our subscribers in their journey towards financial freedom. This is our 'Why'.

Fun Liang Chia

I am an avid value investor and co-founder of MoneyWiseSmart. After graduating from the National University of Singapore with a first-class honours in Economics, I discovered my passion in investing. My learning continued with my extensive reading about Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Peter Lynch and the likes, and I have never looked back ever since. Nothing excites me more than identifying and analysing great businesses. After more than 6 years of corporate experience in a NYSE-listed consulting firm, dealing with corporate finance and disputes advisory, in both Singapore and Melbourne, I left my Director role to focus full time on MoneyWiseSmart and my own investing journey. I feel delighted to be able to spend my time analysing great businesses to own and at the same time help our subscribers on their journey of lifetime compounding of wealth.

Courses Included with Purchase

Investing Fundamentals : How To Find Multi-Bagger Investments, Grow Your Wealth & Achieve Financial Freedom
Don't let your busy schedule delay your financial freedom. All you need is 15-30 minutes a day to learn how to find & invest in exponential growth businesses
Rupam Deb/ Fun Liang Chia
Principles Of Compounding With Bonds & Stocks
A comprehensive asset management framework for compounding and growing wealth over the lifetime.
Rupam Deb/ Fun Liang Chia
Multibagger Research Series
A Deep-Dive Into Some High Quality Businesses, That Can Potentially Become Multibaggers
Rupam Deb / Fun Liang Chia
Option Series Diamond - Cashflow Strategies & Risk Management
Using Options to boost returns on your investment portfolio
Rupam Deb / Fun Liang Chia

Original Price: $26,296

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this Total Access Package work in terms of the pricing?
When you purchase this Total Access Package, you make an one-off payment, which provides you with Lifetime Access to the Investing Fundamentals Course, Principles of Compounding with Bonds & Stocks, Option Series, and Multibagger Research Series. For the avoidance of doubt, you only need to pay once now for all the programs, which gives you lifetime access to the programs, and there will be no future additional payments needed.
When do the courses/ programs start and finish?
The courses/ programs start immediately after you register. All the courses/ programs never end, and they are completely self-paced - you decide when you wish to watch the videos and go through the documents. Everything that we do is long term and nothing changes in a few days or even months ... so feel free to define your own pace.
How long do I have access to the published research videos and content?
You get lifetime access to all the courses/ programs. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. Not only that, we will keep adding video lectures to the courses/ programs, and you will be the first one to know when we add videos. So the value packed courses/ programs will get even better over time. We will never delete anything... so anytime you feel like going back in time to refer to some old videos, it will always be just a click away.
How frequently would you be publishing new modules for the Option Series?
For the Option Series, we will usually publish our additional modules on a monthly basis. There would be some months where we will discuss a case study or modules already discussed. In any case our premium subscriber Facebook group is always buzzing with discussions on relevant topics and subjects and some of the insightful posts there are akin to a module in itself. Please ensure that you join the premium Facebook group and also do not opt out of the emails, as we would be emailing you and also post on the FB course group when we release a new module. Apart from, we will be conducting monthly tutorials and you definitely do not want to miss them. The value we offer in these tutorials are by themselves worth many times the subscription fees.
How frequently would you be publishing new research for the Multibagger Research Series?
For the Multibagger Research Series, we will never promise you any regular frequency of research that many research companies do. There are times when we might publish multiple research updates in a month and there are times when we might not publish any new ones for a few months. When we do not have a good idea/insight, we will not pretend we do, and we will not feed you with anything substandard. Our frequency of new videos entirely depends on whether we find something really really interesting to bring to you or not (after extensive evaluation). We think like long term business owners and we do not make publishing a 'prolific number' of research reports (or stock tips) our priority. However we would like to assure you that we are constantly looking for new ideas/updates on existing ideas to research and evaluate if it is worth publishing. However this is what we promise: for the great businesses that we cover, you are very unlikely to find anything anywhere else that matches our quality and is as extensive. You will get to know everything about these businesses, that an informed business owner should know. This will provide you a great framework to research & analyse any business that you might yourself wish to evaluate for investment.
How accessible will the instructors be, if we have any doubts that need clarifications?
Very! We take pride in the kind of support we provide to our members. This is not a burden for us as we genuinely enjoy interacting with our members in the FB group (for the course subscribers). Our members are the very reason why we love doing what we do. Typically we respond within 24 hours (often much earlier than that), and there is absolutely no limit to the number of clarifications you can ask. In fact we encourage you to keep asking till things are 100% clear to you. There are just a few constraints that we have and we would like you to be aware and appreciate: (1) While we encourage you to reach out to us via any form of communication, we would be unable to provide you with one-on-one responses to your course related queries. That is not scalable and we would request you to post in the FB group. That way everybody benefits from our (or other community members') responses (2) We would be unable to provide you specific investment recommendations. Our company's status in Singapore does not allow us to provide investment recommendations. What we will provide you with are general responses explaining the principles/concepts. However we will ensure that our explanations are detailed enough and with examples, so that the solution to your specific trade becomes clear to you. After all...isn't that the whole objective?...'not to give you the fish, but teach you how to fish'. The examples however should not be taken as 'recommendations' (3) There are certain times during the year when the instructors might be traveling and might not have internet connections. We might get slightly delayed in our responses during those times. We seek your understanding.
Are the research reports for the Multibagger Research Series investment recommendations?
Heck NO! These are by no means investment recommendations. We love researching businesses ourselves and our research is 100% fact based. Basically for anyone who is interested in following a particular business, we make their lives easy by collating and analysing all the various information available all over the place, into our research videos...that way you do not need to spend your time in going through them. We do the hard work for you and bring the facts to you in easy to consume formats. However please note that we will NOT be sugar coating anything and we will tell you the Good, the Bad and the Ugly about these businesses. Our objective is 100% education and we will consider our job well done if you develop the ability to research businesses of your choice using the same framework.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us within 3 days of your registration, and we will give you a full refund...No Questions Asked! So your subscription is completely risk free.
Would there be any promotions or discounts soon? Should I wait for those?
We have a fairness policy that once we have even one customer who has purchased the courses/ programs at a certain price, we will never let it happen that in the future that price is reduced. There can be other types of promotions, but the future price will never be less than the price today. In fact, we will be increasing the price from time to time, as we continue to add even more content to the courses/ programs. We will keep enhancing the value that we offer, so you can be assured that even if we offer some kind of promotion in future, the value you are getting today will never be diluted.
If I have previously purchased some of the bundled courses, can I pay the difference to upgrade to this Total Access Package?
Yes - Absolutely. If you want to upgrade to this Total Access Package, please purchase this package, and then send an email to [email protected]. We will then refund you the amounts you have previously paid for your previous purchases of the courses.

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If you are of the type who loves to get into the details, this section is for you ... so read on (Our partner Fun Liang wants this page to be longer than a 10-K :-)

1. Investing Fundamentals Program

Most people like you often do not have much time and energy left after work to think about their investments.

Let us make investing simple for you, so that YOU can take full control of your financial future, instead of depending on someone else.

This course is everything that a busy person like you needs; put together into a step-by-step framework; simplified, condensed and structured into small digestible modules that will equip you with the right knowledge and temperament to transform your investment performance.

By the end of this course, you will learn how to:

  • Identify great businesses (multi-baggers)...the kind of investments that grow wealth exponentially
  • Learn the principles which will stop you from selling your stocks only at a small profit (and then to see them go up many-folds after you sell...painful right?)
  • Avoid the kind of investments which destroy wealth over time, or which turn out to be frauds
  • Sleep like a baby even when most other people are losing their sleep over stock market crashes
  • Have full visibility & control on the path ahead...leading to your financial freedom

This course will help you to reach a point where you will not need to work for a living...your investments can take care of your living expenses, while you devote your time doing what you really enjoy doing.

And all this without paying hefty commissions to your 'advisors' and getting ripped off by unscrupulous 'investment salesmen'.

2. Multibagger Research Series Program

Like most people, you work hard to earn money, but unfortunately your busy schedule may not allow you the time to do proper justice when it comes to investing. If you are like majority of investors, you might be relying on 'stock tips' or misaligned external advisers. This often results in risky investments leading to disastrous outcomes. As a result you are never sure if your hard earned money has been invested properly.

Through our 'Multibagger Research Series', we have solved this problem for good and have created a platform for handing you back the reins of your investing journey. We provide a step-by-step framework for analysing several high quality businesses, which can potentially become multi-baggers. This framework will set you on your path to financial freedom.

We are very choosy about the businesses we cover, and we research every aspect of these great businesses using our research framework. These businesses typically have the following characteristics:

  • They generate high 'Return On Capital'
  • They are run by very high quality CEO & management teams. We have a preference for founder led businesses... and CEOs with great capital allocation track record
  • These businesses enjoy secular growth tail-winds, operate in very large markets (preferably global) and have very long runways ahead of them
  • These businesses have strong competitive advantages and have the ability to protect their turf from competitive pressures. This gets reflected in their margins
  • These businesses are typically asset and capital light and have exponential characteristics, with the ability to compound wealth over a long period

How do these characteristics benefit you?

These are the typical characteristics of multibagger investments, provided the price of entry is right. We do all the heavy lifting by studying these businesses over the years and publish our detailed research, approximate valuation ranges, along with any new developments, (ongoing) earnings analysis etc. This would save lots of your valuable time and energy. Everything is presented within a systematic framework in the form of videos and presentation documents.

You not only benefit from the detailed research on some great businesses, you also benefit by learning about this framework, which you can apply on any business that you may consider for investment. This will make you more confident about your investments and ensure that you develop the ability to identify red-flags.

P.S. These are purely fact based analyses of these businesses, meant for education purpose only and are NOT investment recommendations.

What Does The Program Cover?

We typically do a deep dive research into 4 - 5 new businesses every year and along with that we continue to stay on top of all the previously covered businesses. So this results in a growing list of high quality businesses on our platform. Our research platform can be a very good one stop destination for keeping track of everything that is happening in these businesses. You will have access to all the videos and documents which are logically arranged in different modules … so you don’t have to worry about independently consuming thousands of pages of past company documents (10K, 10Q etc), analyst reports, management interviews, earnings calls, ongoing updates etc. We do that for you and then present all the relevant facts in easy to consume format (videos and PDFs), so that you can go through them at your own pace and at your own convenience. From time to time, we even speak/communicate with the management teams and we update our research regularly with any new information/ insight that we might acquire.

3. Option Series (Diamond level) Program

Most short-term minded option traders are completely unaware of the 'risks' of using options. They end up with long periods of bliss, giving them the false sense of ‘super-stardom’, and then eventually get wiped out by a single black swan event. This happened to a lot of people during the Covid-19 corrections. Another very common error inexperienced investors/option traders often make is they blindly close long option positions by selling it (when selling may not be the most optimal course of action), leaving lot of money on the table ... there are times when exercising the option and closing the underlying stock position could be more optimal. These are just some very common mistakes people make. However, when used in the right way, options on can be very versatile instruments that can be elegantly incorporated as part of any long term investment strategy, significantly boosting returns.

In the Option Series program we extensively cover:

  • Ways of using options to fund your long term investments
  • Large number of short-term cash flow generating strategies that can enhance your returns, without compromising on the 'risk'
  • Various ways to position yourself to be able to acquire more shares of your chosen businesses at attractive prices
  • Ways of generating an attractive yield on the cash, that is waiting to be deployed into suitable opportunities
  • Strategies that can potentially generate explosive profits by risking very small amounts of capital and very low risk
  • Large number of case-studies that explain step-by-step, option strategies that we have ourselves deployed over the years and will be executing going forward
  • Quizzes & exercises after every lecture, which will reinforce your understanding of every concept covered in the lecture videos
  • Ongoing monthly release of new strategies focusing of prevalent market conditions

In the Diamond Level, we cover the below modules (everything included in Silver plus much more):

Apart from that, we conduct live ZOOM tutorials every month where we discuss case studies and address doubts and questions. We provide excellent support through our private Facebook group, which ensures none of our subscribers fall behind.

And most importantly, instead of looking at options as just a standalone 'trading' strategy, we show you how everything (options as well as long term investment portfolio) can be integrated together to create a seamless investment framework, that builds wealth.

Please note we will usually add new modules to this list every month. So what you will have access to is a lot more than this.

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